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4K HDR Smart TV

Foxsky TV

163.9 cm (65)FS-4KS

Foxsky TV 4KS 65 4K HDR 10-bit display
Foxsky TV 4KS 65 Vivid Picture
Foxsky TV 4X 65 30W Speaker
Dolby™+ DTS-HD®
Foxsky TV 4X 65 SkyWall with a massive catalog of 4K content
Foxsky TV 4X 65 New content partners including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and 15 more
Foxsky TV 4X 65 Android TV™ + Voice Search
Foxsky TV 4X 65 64 bit Quad-core
2GB + 16GB
Foxsky TV 4X 65 Premium metal

Our most colorful
TV ever.

Foxsky TV 4X 65
Foxsky TV 4X 65

Breathtaking picture quality

Powered by Vivid Picture Engine, the display delivers exceptional colour accuracy and colour vibrancy. 4K HDR recreates true-to-life images with essentially infinite contrast, powerful luminance and unmatched colour rendering.

Foxsky TV 4X 65

More than a billion colors

With a Wide Color Gamut that covers over 88% of the NTSC color space, pictures on screen truly come to life. Capable of recreating more than a billion colors, you can really enjoy the smoothly gradated color variations in your content.

Introducing RealityFlow

Integrating a MEMC chip, the Foxsky TV 4X offers blur-free rendering of
high-speed action for sportscasts, games and more.

Foxsky TV 4X 65
Foxsky TV 4X 65


The super-bright 10-bit IPS panel from LG and the
Vivid Picture Engine (VPE), our in-house image
processing tech together deliver exceptional
colours, significant depth, and deeper contrasts.
Proprietary software algorithms and hardware
modifications make up the heart of our VPE
engine, delivering exceptional true-to-life

Cinematic Sound

Foxsky TV 4X 65
Foxsky TV 4X 65

The Foxsky LED TV 65 FS4KS features an all new slim speaker design.
4 powerful sound drivers help to deliver an immersive
acoustic experience right at home.

Slim 2.25 inch woofer 13mm x 26mm runway tweeter Base enhancement port
Foxsky TV 4X 65
Foxsky TV 4X 65
Foxsky TV  65FS4KS
Foxsky TV 4X 65
Foxsky TV 4X 65

And more

Subscriptions/charges may be required for certain content.

New Light Theme

The striking light theme not only offers a fresh perspective but makes the
content stand out.


Browse our endless catalog
and make an informed pick.

Foxsky TV 4X 65


Watch what happens as it happens
on live news channels including Republic
TV, Bloomberg, Sun News and more
available on SkyWallwithout any

Foxsky TV 4X 65
Foxsky TV 4X 65

The Foxsky TV 65FS-4KS ships with Android 8.0. This operating system comes with quality
enhancements in terms of navigation, a pleasing visual interface and simplified controls.

Foxsky TV 4X 65
Foxsky TV 4X 65


This Android TV comes with Voice
Search, that allows you to perform a
number of tasks with simply your voice.

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64 bit
Quad-core Processor

16GB Storage

Multiple ports

Foxsky TV 4X 65
Foxsky TV 4X 65

table-top and
wall mounting

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Foxsky TV 65FS-4KS 163.9cm (65)

Entertainment gets bigger and better on the Foxsky TV 65FS-4KS 65.

The latest offering from Foxsky comes with a slew of genuinely enticing features. This 65 inch giant is the first from the brand to feature a 4K HDR 10-bit display with WCG that with precise colour reproduction brings any image to life. The vivid pictorial performance is matched by the strong sound quality delivered by the 30wspeakers Dolby™+ DTS-HD®. The Vivid Picture Engine contributes to the ultra-bright display, for no-compromise visuals even in dimly-lit rooms. Elegantly designed with glass and metal, this TV makes for a beautiful focal point in any space. Exciting new content partners including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hungama grace the new SkyWall line-up.

- Unmatched true-to-life visuals are delivered each time on the 4K HDR 10-bit display
- The wide colour gamut feature reproduces 88% of NTSC colour space for a lifelike viewing experience
- RealityFlow makes for blur-free uninterrupted visuals with the integrated MEMC chip
- The Dolby™+ DTS-HD® enabled 30W speakers provide rich clear audio for games, movies and more
- SkyWall comes with 10,00,000+ hours of content, a striking new Light Theme and a massive collection of 4K titles
- Intuitive navigation and an arsenal of smart features comes with the addition of Android TV™ + Voice Search
- Data Saver mode allows you to stream up to 3 times more video content, see the media from your phone on your TV and stream content with ease
- All-new remote control allows is easy to use and ergonomically redesigned
- Crafted using a combination of metal and glass, this TV is a true stunner

Entertainment has a new name with the Foxsky TV 65FS-4KS
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