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About Us

Shri. Narendra Bharadwaj
Narendra Bharadwaj aged 63 a Chief Managing Director of Foxsky international. He is an active member of INC for the past 30 years. He is the founder of Bharadwaj Group.
In the year 1980, he started his first business named “Bharadwaj Transport Company”. This is the transport company which is running for the past 38 years and still doing awesome in the markets today. It headquarters are in Ghaziabad. After 19 years when this company reached heights, he started another company named “Bharadwaj Construction” in 1999. This company deals in all departments from Horticulture to electrification. This company takes Government contracts only. Its headquarters are also in Ghaziabad. Then in 2004, the Bharadwaj group entered the petroleum, Field. It owns 11 Own, 4 COCO pumps and 2 are in pipeline. Then In 2006, he opened another company named “Bharadwaj Gallery”. This company has warehouses in Patiala, Mumbai, Jaipur, Patna, and many other places.
Mr. Sachin Bharadwaj
Sachin Bharadwaj aged 35 is also a co-founder. He is one of the most devoted, down-to-earth personalities who keeps his team motivated and contented. He works really hard that he can touch heights. He is responsible for the overall decision-making of Foxsky international. 
Mr. Manish Bharadwaj
Manish Bharadwaj aged 28 is a co-founder also known as a business magnet. He is responsible for the Company’s overall corporate strategy. He keeps his team ecstatic so that they can achieve the goals easily. He has touched multiple heights in very less time. He has touched the target of 1000 million in just one year. Now he has targeted to achieve the milestone of 500 crores in the year 2022.